String Theory


String Theory is much more than just music performance.  We firmly believe that musical experiences and audience engagement should radiate far beyond 60 minute set times, breaking free from the traditional music performance model, in which the audience is presented with sequential musical lineups. String Theory not only performs sets of highly synchronized 3D audio and 3D video compositions, but strives to create immersive, interactive multimedia environments that resonate with venues, concert goers and art enthusiasts throughout the course of a night.

String Theory offers services including art exhibition and curation, live visual and audio performances including non-invasive venue integration of immersive 3D audio technologies (developed by String Theory Labs), 3D projection video, LED lighting networks, dancers and more.

String Theory also provides songwriting, recording, production and post-production services for music collaboration, video, films, augmented and virtual reality experiences in stereo and multichannel formats.  


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